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We put a hold on our course development so we could give our full attention to demonstrating how our design principles perform in reality. The two projects we have been involved in are Bridging the Divide with Terranova Foundation and the reThink Tech Talent. reThink Tech Talent came about through my work bringing diverse teams together to solve challenges. By diversity, I mean those of us who are left brain (logical, process driven) and right brain (creative and intuitive). My belief is that we need both brain types to challenge each other during the development of any worthwhile idea. 

In 2021-22 there was much excitement about the growth of New Zealand’s Tech Sector, the handbrake being lack of capacity. The sector itself has invested in encouraging culture and gender diversity whereas we could see that neurodiversity cuts across all of those sectors of society. We would love to tell you about what we have done about this. 

Designing Solutions – An introduction to sustainable innovation


The time has come to design for an emerging world.

An emerging world is acknowledging human and environmental needs as a key component of creating value. A desire for change alone is not enough; just as we seek methodologies that support different outcomes, we need to reset our thinking at a fundamental level.

This short course has been designed to whet your appetite. Our intention is to provide more in-depth knowledge, but that takes time and investment. By purchasing this short course you are supporting the ongoing research and development required to launch our in-depth course.

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