Dorenda Britten Ltd. offers the following services performed by Dorenda Britten herself or her external team of skilled people.


My approach to mentoring is often a game changer for people feeling overwhelmed by change and trying to manage the commercialization of new ideas.

Dorenda Britten mentoring
Dorenda Britten facilitating a workshop


I enjoy interacting with audiences. I am a natural storyteller and can make surprising links that stay with an audience well after the event.


Dorenda has led design for the 21st-century workshops for client companies, tertiary institutes, and annual events such as Tech Week.

Dorenda Britten at her desk


Much has been said about the need to increase diversity in governance. Whilst improvements have been made from a gender and culture point of view, creative thinkers are now being talked about as a must to balance out board-level decision-making. For a number of reasons, it is still relatively rare to find creative minds attracted to a career in governance.

Project Initiation

The many hundreds of people who have attended our workshops come away very excited about the opportunities to work differently. The reality is a whole different challenge.

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