Designing Solutions – An introduction to sustainable innovation


The time has come to design for an emerging world.

An emerging world is acknowledging human and environmental needs as a key component of creating value. A desire for change alone is not enough; just as we seek methodologies that support different outcomes, we need to reset our thinking at a fundamental level.

This short course has been designed to whet your appetite. Our intention is to provide more in-depth knowledge, but that takes time and investment. By purchasing this short course you are supporting the ongoing research and development required to launch our in-depth course.

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Bite-size | Accessible | Impactful


Key features:

● Bite-size modules which can be completed at your own pace

● Content relevant to all sectors and stages of career

● Interactive, engaging, and easy to follow



This course is designed for individuals and organisations intent on being leaders in a rapidly changing environment.

Backed by solid principles, this interactive learning experience is unlike any other professional development offering. The focus here is on how to think, not what to think. We do not offer you answers, we provoke you to ask the questions that no one else will.


Rethinking Solutions process

This short course introduces Designing Solutions, a key part of our Rethinking Solutions philosophy. The process and the underlying principles have been broken down into modules, each focusing on a different aspect. Supported by a variety of videos featuring professionals across a range of industries, you will be introduced to a series of fundamental principles that will help you shape ideas that produce real value. The course encourages high-quality, deep thinking through diary entry prompts, quiz-style questions and other interactive features to captivate and engage. This process of rethinking how solutions are created will drive positive change within your work life and organisation.

Our vision is for you to inspire, create change, and share your learning with others to improve solutions design in the 21st century.


What do I stand to gain?
  • Stay ahead of the game by rethinking the shape of purposeful business.
  • De-risk your innovation process by creating space for deep-thinking.
  • Eliminate the need for rework by slowing down development processes in order to speed up.
  • Carve out your distinct advantage by asking critical questions about who to involve.
  • Reduce groupthink by analysing team dynamics, opening up new possibilities and seeing things that others don’t.
What’s involved?

The total time required to complete the course is approximately four hours. You can complete this in one go, or over a number of days to suit you.

Remember, you own the process. We challenge you to think differently, to see the bigger picture, create new rules and shake up the system.

If you are ready to question the way in which you think, we guarantee you and your business will be changed, forever. For good.


This highly interactive course has been developed as another pathway for consolidated learning. We have been lucky to partner with online learning creators, Like-Minded, to produce this beautifully designed course.