My team are made up of people with the skills required for different projects. They are all motivated by and focused on a vision of a bright future for New Zealand.

Who we are

I am essentially a collaborative person, recognising that I don’t have all of the skills or all of the answers to solve problems. I collaborate closely with others whom I regard as team members, in the areas of design research, course development, project development, specialist expertise.

Over the years I have found great benefit in employing undergraduate and postgraduate students from the University of Canterbury who I place great faith in to openly question my thinking.

My “team” in no special order are:

Agnieszka Parr – Visual Designer

I’ve worked closely with Agnieszka Parr (Studio Momentum) over the years, who has had the job of interpreting the thinking for my courses and is patiently developing this website. Agnieszka is a visual designer and educator in the visual communication space. Her company Studio Momentum focuses on developing brand, strategy, and design assets for organisations that work towards improving and maintaining our collective well-being.

Ann Brown – Design Researcher

Ann and I are aligned in our understanding of the role of design and designers in society, and it is this that brought us together in 2020. We have since collaborated on the development of the Canterbury Tech Skills Pilot, now named ReThink Tech Talent.
Ann brings a valuable blend of academic rigour and creative thinking; specialising in co-design processes, she is a detail-oriented Design Researcher with a breadth of experience in Europe and New Zealand.
You can read more about her experience on her LinkedIn profile (

Louisa Taylor – General Manager Canterbury Tech

Louisa brings a background in law, business analysis and design thinking. Canterbury Tech partnered with Dorenda Britten Ltd to research and design a programme for technology businesses to create the right support for dyslexic and other neurodiverse employees to succeed. Canterbury Tech have invested Louisa’s skills in helping to drive this project.

Callum McKirdy – Workplace Facilitator

Callum McKirdy is a speaker, author, mentor and facilitator specialising in workplace dynamics and behaviour. Proudly dyslexic and ADHD-positive, Callum champions organisations to think differently about different thinking and views the neurodivergent staff as the innovative super-workforce of the future.

Chris Cole – Educator and Dyslexia Life Coach

She is a dyslexic, dyslexia campaigner following the belief that “awareness creates change.” For over 10 years, she has worked in parent and educator training and support, adult and peer support initiatives, developing and running dyslexic children’s workshops, and as a dyslexia life coach. This work is through her roles as a business owner of Unique Minds, Senior Advisor for Learning Differences Aotearoa Trust, and a Dyslexia Friendly Quality Mark facilitator for Ako Aotearoa.

Cathy Gillespie – Education Designer, Co-Founder of online learning
solutions company

Cathy passionately uses her 30+ years’ experience in learning design and development to develop and support others. She’s proud of building a B Corp Certified company that looks after staff, clients and the environment, and as part of her community focus, she always has something on the go that helps other individuals, groups and community projects move onwards and upwards. In Dorenda’s case, this meant collaborating with the team and developing a solid partnership where we donated time, resources and expertise to deliver for the first time, their traditionally face-to-face workshops in an online environment.

Great Scott Communications

The team lead by Donovan Ryan, were there as guides when we were going through a period of significant change.

Rose Challies – Founder

We are incredibly grateful for her subject matter guidance and project management for our pilot programme Bridging the Divide.

In-house team

For the day-to-day running of the business, I am blessed with a long-term relationship with Canterbury University from which I employ students in various capacities.

Over the years I have found great benefit in employing young people who represent the future better than I can. They are given full permission to question my thinking and do. This year’s students are:

Phoebe Mills – currently studying law, sustainability, environmental policy and governance.
Marijke Hinton – currently studying politics and communication.

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