Guided by a set of fundamental principles, we have designed an inquiry framework to challenge you to more deeply explore context, timeliness and appropriateness of your products, services or systems to meet 21st century expectations.

Who we are

Dorenda Britten Ltd is a business strategy consultancy that was established in 2015. I offer programmes and courses that will take businesses to the next level in the modern world.  I am motivated by a vision of a bright future for New Zealand.

My background is varied and entrepreneurial, both in New Zealand and overseas. My career began in design, moved to cargo shipping in the Pacific, then to property development in New Zealand, before returning to design.

I am a challenger and future-thinker, whose work is founded on designing for a better world.

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What we do

We recognise the untapped power of design to consider how we respond to a changing world. The framework that forms the basis of our work addresses social, environmental and financial questions, the answer to which guide the development of future facing solutions, whether it be services, systems or products.

Of particular importance in our design process is developing an effective team and establishing purpose at the outset. Our easy to step through process has been designed to help organisations prepare for a more effective design thinking journey.  

Reframing design around a set of principles that will secure our environmental, social and financial future.

— Dorenda Britten

Throughout our European history, we have leveraged our natural environment to help us create the things we need. We have been very successful at coming up with pragmatic solutions that enhance the lives of some, in the belief that a rising tide lifts all boats. 

It has become apparent that we have not thought broadly enough, or deeply enough, about the implications of our design processes. Our goal has been to address this. 

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Why we do it

Dorenda Britten Ltd aims to bring business’ success for the good of people, planet and profit.

I am inspired by New Zealand’s many opportunities to demonstrate leadership to the world. I guide my organisation towards projects that will make a direct and lasting impact on our future. I have a natural affinity for system design, and it is through this set of skills and insights that I can create a positive change that benefits all.

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