My design experience helps me see potential gaps in initiatives that are critical for the future of New Zealand. We often see our best attempts at addressing challenges frustrated by the lack of human buy-in. Understanding what motivates people to participate in change is my area of expertise. 

map of new Zealand connected as a network

Projects Initiated - Canterbury Tech Skills Pilot

Projects Initiated - Bridging the Divide I Terra Nova Foundation

image of a New Zealand farm with text and logos

Projects Completed - Farmlands - Barriers to Environmental Change

During 2020, my team and I team were contracted to lead a project for Farmlands, supported by New Zealand National Science Challenge – Our Land and Water. The project, designed to flesh out challenges to the uptake of changing land and water policies on farm. The project was supported by Manaaki Whenua and AgResearch. The Project involved in-depth conversations with farmers conducted with empathy and understanding.

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