Dorenda Britten Ltd is a strategy consultancy that specializes in human and environmentally-focused projects. My team and I offer programmes and courses that will take businesses to the next level in the modern world.  We are motivated by a vision of a bright and sustainable future for New Zealand

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To celebrate the relaunch of our new website, we’re offering a special deal on the introductory course. Normally $120.00, we’re offering it for $90.00 until the end of the year.

The course will change your understanding on how to design for value in the 21st century.

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Designing Solutions – An introduction to sustainable innovation


The time has come to design for an emerging world.

An emerging world is acknowledging human and environmental needs as a key component of creating value. A desire for change alone is not enough; just as we seek methodologies that support different outcomes, we need to reset our thinking at a fundamental level.

This short course has been designed to whet your appetite. Our intention is to provide more in-depth knowledge, but that takes time and investment. By purchasing this short course you are supporting the ongoing research and development required to launch our in-depth course.

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