I enjoy interacting with audiences. I am a natural storyteller and can make surprising links that stay with an audience well after the event.

Dorenda Britten facilitating a workshop

About the speaker

My career as a professional mentor has set me up to speak from experience about the qualities of leadership in a new age. 

I am interested in the future of our country and how we can do well while influencing the world for good. 

My topics of interest are agriculture, technology, change dynamics, neurodiversity, and design process.

It can be a difficult task presenting to accomplished executives, but Dorenda did so with ease, pitching her message appropriately, whilst reminding the audience to stay afoot of the rapidly changing business, social and political environment. Dorenda is extremely professional and very knowledgeable. She has valuable contributions to make, and does so in a meaningful and memorable way.

— Meshweyla MacDonald | Massey University

If you already have some information about your event, fill out a short evaluation form and I will respond shortly.

I would like to offer my speaking services free of charge to two organisations a year.

If you have a charity event that is looking for a speaker please see the application form.

Be aware that whilst I am happy to volunteer my time, the business cannot cover travel or accommodation costs. 

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