I have delivered these workshops to a wide range of organisations and groups of individuals. They can be customised to suit.

Designing solutions for the 21st century

Thinking about the wider picture is hard, but I love it. My three-hour workshop gives you an introduction to what’s involved and how you can practice it. I call it Designing Solutions For The 21st Century. I can also run this stimulating workshop in-house for your team or organisation. Get in touch to discuss the options.

Who is it for?

Anyone who has an interest in improving the outcome of the products, services and systems they are developing.

What will you come away with?

Participation in this workshop is guaranteed to increase your interest in the things that surround us – whether it be physical or digital products, systems or services. You will explore the principles that form the basis of great design outcomes. You will uncover the value of involving diverse minds in the creation process and the effective management of differing perspectives. You will be equipped to identify high-quality ideas that will meet real human needs now and in the future, that diminish social and environmental impact.

The success or value of any product or service depends on a finite number of critical factors. Each of these can be either glaringly obvious or completely invisible in different situations. Every successful offering addresses them all, whether they know it or not. This workshop is aimed at a broad audience to encourage diversity of input and to maximise the networking potential. I believe that New Zealand has significant unrealised opportunities to create a lasting and authentic New Zealand brand that your business can leverage.

Highly recommended for anyone interested in creating real value for real people, and a different approach to products and services.

— Andrea | Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet

Dorenda Britten facilitating a workshop
Cognitive workshop

Cognitive Diversity Workshop

Dorenda Britten Ltd has developed tools and methods to bring diverse people together, respect their differences, and bring forward ideas guided by a set of universal principles. Discover the opportunities that are presented to you by embracing the diverse minds that surround you.

Who is it for?

This workshop is designed to be run as an in-house workshop for organisations looking to better position their products, services or systems in the marketplace.

What will you come away with?

You will learn what cognitive diversity is, how to identify this within existing teams and how to introduce new skills to your teams. This workshop is an opportunity to uncover the true potential of any team and to invigorate curiosity and decision making.

Dorenda made us question what we already knew about diversity and continued to build on this. She assured that the uncertainty and disagreements that may arise within a diverse team, are part of a robust design process. Dorenda and her team were engaging and relevant, the workshop was a mix of interactive activities with personal anecdotes which the team related well to.

— Kate Singleton | Human Resources, Structex Engineering

This workshop fully engaged our whole team and reinforced the value of cognitive diversity in any group. The content was very well thought-out and acted as a thorough introduction to those new to the topic while also challenging those with prior exposure.

— Ben Exton, Engineer | Structex Engineering

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