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Rethink Tech Talent is a programme in partnership with Canterbury Tech, that has been set up to support dyslexic learners, and empower existing employees to gain high-value employment in the tech industry.

It is astounding that one in five New Zealanders are deemed to be dyslexic, whether they are aware of it or not.

Creating a programme that supports this under-utilised pool of talent that is known to possess in-demand 21st-century skills.

We will more than address the tech sector’s skills shortages and increase our competitive edge.



A tech sector that relies less on scouring the globe for tech talent by retaining and attracting notably under-recognised skills already in New Zealand.



We ran the first research stage in Canterbury, but our intention is to apply it nation-wide. 


You can read about the project’s development here:

Canterbury Tech Rethink Talent Programme