Dorenda cares deeply about people not fulfilling their potential, not feeling valued for who they are and what they can achieve. She is brilliant at helping people seek out better ways to do what they aspire to achieve.

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Callum McKirdyFounder Director

“I have used Dorenda for the last three years as a design coach for our MBA design thinking elective class and anticipate continuing to do so in coming years. The feedback from the students, who are all experienced managers, is always excellent regarding Dorenda’s involvement. She consistently offers the right balance of challenging, cajoling and helping with connections that accelerate the students’ understanding and insight into both their practical projects and the underlying principles we are trying to demonstrate. She always brings great enthusiasm and energy to the group and I look forward to continue working with Dorenda in the future.”

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Christian WalshUniversity of Canterbury

“I have devoted many years to working on my product idea, developing, testing, and searching for someone to help me move it forward.  After a number of bad experiences, I made contact with Dorenda and within three weeks she had listened carefully to my idea, researched it, and came back with intelligent and thoughtful questions. 

Dorenda’s advice and planning skills have helped me to realise opportunities that had seemed beyond me. Her approach is warm and caring, but combines this with pragmatism, honesty, and attention to detail. She has helped me understand my strengths and weaknesses, the importance of connections and timing, and to see problems as challenges on a path to success.”

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Dugald HamiltonFounder, Respond

“For me Dorenda was a gamechanger for not only the project I was working on, in other areas as well.  She gave me a lot of confidence when I had doubts and helped me identify beneficial connections, connect ideas, and opened opportunities that I hadn’t thought of.  Dorenda is a creative, direct, and enthusiastic mentor, who will give it to you straight, with compassion, care, and fairness.  All people and companies who connect with Dorenda will immediately feel her energy and benefit greatly from working with her at any level.

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Rebecca MillerFounder, Milk IQ and Farmside

“Dorenda Britten is a longtime supporter and mentor on the innovation programmes we run through the UC Centre for Entrepreneurship. She has extensive innovation ecosystem knowledge, experience, and empathy that she shares with student ventures, with a high level of professionalism at all times. The UC team highly value Dorenda’s insights and her enthusiastic support for emerging innovation.”

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Michelle PolglaseEnterprise Manager, UC Centre for Entrepreneurship

“Dorenda has been a mentor with me on multiple Startup Weekend events. Her background spans a multitude of different areas from design through to strategy. She approaches people and organisations with a holistic attitude to product and service development that serves the real needs of real people. She promotes a broad contextual  view that includes social, environmental, and fiscal elements to ensure that the changes she influences impact all areas equally and positively.”

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Geoff BrashBoard of Canterbury Angel/Board of Canterbury Tech/Lightning Lab