“Dorenda Britten is a wonderful presenter. Dorenda has presented to a number of Executive Massey MBA students and alumni over a number of years. 

Dorenda is a dynamic, interesting, and inspiring speaker. She captured and held the audience’s interest and imagination, challenging them to defy their current ways of thinking to explore and invent new ways of doing business. 

It can be a difficult task presenting to accomplished executives, but Dorenda did this with ease, pitching her message appropriately, leveraging the shared knowledge and experience of the MBA, whilst reminding the audience to stay afoot of the rapidly changing business, social and political environment. 

Dorenda is extremely professional, very knowledgeable, and was a highlight of our programme. She has valuable contributions to make and does so in a meaningful and memorable way.

I highly recommend Dorenda as a speaker. It was a pleasure working with her.”