Dorenda is both excited and honored to share her understanding of current human challenges. She takes the position that humanity needs to work differently in order to develop and programme the tools that will help us achieve our goals. With many years of experience evaluating the latest tech solutions, She is persuasive in her message to ensure that we understand how to address human and environmental responsibility within technological solutions.

Dorenda worked with her late brother, John Britten, to build a framework to guide his inventive aspirations, recognising that the world was poised for change. 25 years later that change is upon us and that decision-making framework is critical to creating value in the new environment, it is this framework that forms the basis for all her work in The Britten Institute and her own company, Dorenda Britten Ltd.

Her career as a professional mentor has set her up to speak from experience about the qualities of leadership in a new age. Her model is not ‘winner takes all’, but that we all win in a healthy society.

Dorenda is interested in the future of our country and how we can do well while influencing the world for good. We must engage our citizens to create the reality behind our marketing story.

Voluntary work

Dorenda has a long history of volunteering in New Zealand, we have the capacity to undergo a limited number of voluntary events each year. To be able to continue this we ask you to complete a short evaluation form to determine whether we can be of value to you.